54.3 percent of people in Turkey believe they are discriminated against due to their political views

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A total of 54.3 percent of people in Turkey believe they are discriminated against because of their political views, Euronews reported on Sunday, citing the “Discrimination Research in Turkey November 2022” report by the Monitoring Association for Equal Rights.

The association asked 1,531 people in 26 provinces if they are discriminated against.

A total of 25.8 percent of respondents said they are constantly discriminated against because of their ethnicity, 26.5 percent for their religious beliefs or non-beliefs, 36.6 percent for their migrant identity and 54.3 percent for their political beliefs.

Gender identity is the reason for discrimination according to 36.3 percent of respondents.

According to the report, the sectors or institutions where discrimination is most common are government institutions at 38.3 percent and the private sector at 34.7 percent. This is followed by the social services of state or municipal institutions with 31.5 percent.

Respondents who said they have never experienced discrimination at religious services or in religious institutions amounted to 36.3 percent.

When asked, “Do you think the existing laws in Turkey are sufficient to prevent discrimination?” 10.4 percent of respondents answered yes and 85.7 percent answered no.

State institutions in Turkey are not doing enough or taking adequate measures to prevent discrimination, according to 65 percent of participants.

A total of 81.6 percent think people who discriminate in Turkey are not punished for their actions.

Source:Stockholm Center for Freedom (SCF)

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