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HDP raises torture allegations against officials in Hatay

Lawyers for the People’s Democratic Party (HDP) have filed criminal charges against the police claiming ten party members, including the head of the party’s local administration, were tortured at the police headquarters of the Iskenderun district in Turkey’s Hatay province.

The party demanded that the governor of Hatay and the chief of police, the chief of police of Iskenderun district and other officials be charged with torture.

“Innocent people who lost their relatives in the earthquake disaster, whose houses were destroyed and whose workplaces were evacuated, were severely tortured by the law enforcers. The suspects were brutally beaten, they had severe skin rashes and bruises on their faces and bodies. They were insulted and humiliated, their faces were pressed against the wall with handcuffs on their backs and they were held standing,” a statement from the party administration said.

Earlier, the Anti-Torture Commission of the Contemporary Lawyers Association posted on Twitter allegations of torture in Hatay and added some photos of a person with bruises on his back.

“Our members in Defne district in Hatay province came across a person being beaten on the street by several special police units. They intervened and took the victim to a safe area. When our members came to the scene, the police tried to hide the torture,” it said.

Source: Gerçek News

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