Court rejects forensic medical examination request in the case on suspicious death in prison

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The second hearing was held of the case on the death of Yılmaz Ekinci who died on January 13, 2022, in Aydın E-type prison today.

The five guardians tried in the case did not attend the hearing held in Aydın 1st penal court of first instance while Yılmaz Ekinci’s family members and lawyers were present at the hearing, Mezopotamya Agency reported.

Requests from court

İrfan Şafak, the lawyer of the Ekinci family requested that the witnesses and those who were arrested in the same prison in the same period should be invited to give testimony.

Reminding the court that the witnesses said that Yılmaz was beaten and that they suddenly stopped hearing his voice, Şafak said, “We request that all guardians who are seen in the videos recorded that day give their testimonies. We request that it should be investigated if the rope with which it is being claimed that Ekinci has hanged himself is kept by the judiciary and if not where it is. We request that the file should be sent to the Forensic Medicine Institute in order for them to prepare a report on what kind of a trace would the rope leave on the neck and if there would be blood in the mouth and nose. We request again that exploration be carried out in the prison. And if our requests will not be accepted, we will be demanding recusation since there will not be a fair trial.”

Forensic medicine examination is “irrelevant”

The court rejected the requests for the witnesses to be invited to give testimony, for exploration of the scene of the event, and for sending the file to the Medical Forensic Institute, stating that these requests were irrelevant to the subject matter but decided that the answer should be requested for the warrant written to the Aydın E-type prison asking if Yılmaz Ekinci was suicidal.

The judge also stated that the recusation demand was being made in order to prolong the trial and rejected this request also.

The next hearing will be held on June 6. (AS/PE)



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