HDP: “Turkey will suffocate if Erdogan wins again”

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In the wake of the agreement between the joint opposition candidate Kemal Kilicdaroglu and ultranationalist Umit Ozdag, the Kurdish politicians continue to lend their support to Kilicdaroglu in the second round.

The inclusion of the “trustee” issue in the 7-point protocol signed by Kilicdaroglu and Ozdag sparked controversy, but did not prevent the pro-Kurdish HDP’s support for Kilicdaroglu (Peoples’ Democratic Party) to diminish.

The Co-Chair of the HDP, Pervin Buldan, and prominent Kurdish politician Ahmet Turk, held a press conference in Diyarbakır, where they stated, “With great determination, we will go to the polls and make our choice for the defeat of fascism.”

Buldan emphasized the significance of the upcoming election for Turkey’s democratic future and peace, particularly for the youth and women. She described the election on May 28 as a historic junction and called on the people of Diyarbakır once again, saying, “Let’s use our votes in the second round, go to the polls, and show our will and determination just like in the first round. Because the future and tomorrow concern us.”

Pervin Buldan further stated, “If the AKP and Erdogan win again, it will cause the suffocation of Turkish society once again. That’s why Erdogan must go. I express this with the belief that the departure of Erdogan will allow society to breathe freely.” Buldan added, “In recent years, we have seen how the AKP government, together with the MHP, has suffocated Turkey. We have witnessed that all kinds of unlawfulness, enmity, oppression, and violence have been created in this country, where even the remnants of democracy no longer exist. There is a hostility towards Kurds. There is also hostility towards women and peace. I want to emphasize that if Erdogan wins again, the decrees that will follow will be a disaster for Turkey.”

Following Buldan’s remarks, Ahmet Turk also stated that Turkey was going through a crucial turning point. Turk said, “We are experiencing the pains of change and transformation. Of course, our preference is not about individuals. We are fighting for the future of the Kurdish people and Turkey, and we make our choices accordingly.”


Turk, acknowledging the recent nationalist discussions, expressed the following, “I want to give this message especially to our people and the youth. Do not fall into the trap; if you protest and do not go to the polls, it will only serve Erdogan’s interests. It is necessary to go to the polls with this awareness. We have two options in front of us. There is an understanding that wants to establish racism, fascism, and a homogenous mindset in Turkey. Against this, there is a different understanding that at least gives confidence in a democratic environment where our people can breathe, based on the supremacy of law. We must choose one of these two options. Of course, our choice will be in favor of democracy, human rights, and the determination of the Kurdish people’s free future. The struggle we have been carrying out for years is for a democratic future, for the convergence of peoples on common democratic values, and for the free future of our people.”

Source: Gerçek News

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