Erdogan pledges preparations for a ‘civilian constitution’ in Turkey

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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has announced his determination to bring Turkey closer to a civilian constitution during his term in office.

Following an extensive 8-hour Cabinet Meeting, Erdoğan addressed the nation, declaring the closure of discussions regarding the parliamentary system and reaffirming the rejection of proposals to revert to the old system.

President Erdoğan stated that “With the will of our people on May 14th and May 28th, the proposals to return to the old system have been rejected, and the discussions on the parliamentary system have been closed.”

Erdoğan also urged the opposition to acknowledge the reality and encouraged them to see the successes of the new governing system.

“If we are stronger today than yesterday, it is because of the new governing system. Trust and stability are the keys to success in politics, economy, and diplomacy. Turkey had experienced the lack of these before 2002. Since 2002, we have closed this gap with our moves. With the Presidential Government System, we made these gains permanent. Those who have wielded power for years without deserving it are expressing their discomfort with the new system. The nation has seen the game and spoken at the ballot box. We advise the opposition to see the truth.”

Erdoğan highlighted the government’s commitment to a civilian constitution:

“We want our journey in the second century of our Republic to be with a civilian constitution. Turkey has now reached such a political atmosphere. Turkey has elevated itself to a new league. During our term, together with the People’s Alliance, we will strive to bring Turkey together with a civilian constitution.”

Source: Gerçek News

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