Armenian concert banned in Dersim

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The Dersim Hay Platform’s concert planned to be held today at Seyid Riza Square was banned by the governorate. The governor’s office responded to the application for permission by stating, “In the evaluation of the application, the concert event was not deemed appropriate in terms of form and content.”
Reacting to the ban, the Dersim Hay Platform drew attention to the oppression of Armenians in Turkey. In a statement, the platform said, “We Armenians are the indigenous people of the geography; we do not have the slightest room for maneuver in the geography where we are autochthonous. No institution dares to stand by us. So we said, let’s do something with our efforts and labor. Let the Armenian people unite by organizing events, but is there any possibility?
We know the reason for this fear and owe it to the people to explain it.
You can be anything but Armenian.
Claiming Armenian identity is in itself a political approach. For these reasons, it becomes even more difficult for Armenians to return to their identity and roots and express themselves.
Therefore, we can say that it is 2023, and genocide continues in this geography.”

Source: Gerçek News

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