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Category: Human Rights

Uighur activist condemns China's 'humiliating' interference in the country 21
Turkey sentences officers to life terms over 2016 failed 'coup' 23
Turkish Twitter users call on authorities to release mother of 11-year-old struggling with leukemia 24
Assyrian monk gets two years in a Turkish prison for giving a piece of bread 25
Turkey's best and brightest flee in brain drain 26
Why President Biden Should Recognize the Armenian Genocide 27
Where Are the US and the EU on Iran's Human Rights Violations? 28
Journalist goes on trial on terror charges for posting Nevruz photo 29
In Turkey’s Failed Coup, Trainees Face the Same Stiff Punishments as Generals 30
Expelled MP Gergerlioğlu detained by police officer whose alleged acts of torture he raised in parliament 31