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Category: Human Rights

Renowned Turkish actress summoned by prosecutor due to comment about high price of cherries 20
Turkey sentences German-Kurdish singer in absentia to 3 years for 'terrorism' 21
Turkey aiming to increase capacity of its prisons to 500,000 by 2024, says HDP lawmaker Gergerlioglu 22
Kurdish women’s movement calls for international solidarity as Turkey jails Ayse Gokkan for 30 years 23
Turkey sues family of Kurdish man who died in crash involving military vehicle 24
Backsliding in democracy, human rights and the judicial system continues in Turkey: EU Commision 25
Turkey's anti-terrorism legislation lacks quality of law, Italian NGO tells ECtHR: report 26
HDP lawmaker calls for release of end-stage cancer patient jailed over Gülen links 27
Erdoğan’s ‘parallel army’ SADAT might assassinate dissidents in Turkey and abroad: Peker 28
Kurdish journalist  convicted of spreading terrorist propaganda for publishing an interview 29