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Category: Human Rights

3,362 people killed, 3,534 mistreated or tortured in Turkey in 2020, opposition MP says 21
Uighur refugee in France recounts her ordeal 22
HRW blasts Turkey for using COVID-19 pandemic to silence dissident views 23
Politicians, journalist among 48 detained in İzmir-based 'counterterrorism' operation: report 24
Dissident politician and journalist severely beaten in Ankara 25
Purge victim in prison since 2016 was mistakenly arrested for a tweet he didn’t post 26
Half  of Turkey's population are 'terrorists' to Erdogan and his allies 28
The Massacre in Dersim Still Haunts Kurds in Turkey 29
Syrians in Turkey in precarious situation as citizenship applications indefinitely suspended by authorities 30
Vague terrorism charge used to target supporters of the Gülen movement: UN special rapporteurs 31