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Erdogan's summer palace with 300 rooms and four-meter-high walls in Marmaris will cost $ 85.6 million. 20
Turkey’s Erdogan hopes for positive steps on F-35 jet program during Biden’s term 21
Erdoğan's  sovereign wealth fund wins the prize of unsold lottery tickets 22
Turkey suspends some flights over COVID-19 mutation 23
Eight COVID-19 patients killed in hospital fire in Gaziantep. 24
Turkey's cities face drought as lack of rain hits water levels in dams 25
New report shows extent of Turkey’s oppression of free press 26
Coronavirus: Turkey to blame for over half of imported cases in Lebanon last week 27
Two Algerian Parties Say France ‘Part of Africa's Problems’ 28
Coronavirus: 1 in 5 Israelis who went to Turkey were infected with COVID-19 29