Turkish FM says his words on Syria were twisted

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Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu on Tuesday said Turkey has consistently backed a political solution in Syria, and his suggestions last week over the reconciliation of the opposition with the Syrian government was a reflection of this long and steady effort, Turkey’s anatolian state agency reported.

Last week, Cavusoglu said he had met with his Syrian counterpart Faisal Mikdat last year on the sidelines of a conference as Russia had been insisting on opening channels of communication between the two countries.

“Syria must have a strong administration if a division of this country is to be prevented. A political will can be enforced across Syria only through unity,” he said.

His words sparked anger in the cities under the control of opposition forces as protesters took to the streets, threw rocks at Turkish armored vehicles and set fire to Turkish flags.

“Those who want to heat up this issue have twisted my words, both in Syria and Turkey,” Cavusoglu said.

Meanwhile, a senior Syrian official on Tuesday said that the Syrian administration wanted the Turkish government to match its words with its deeds.

Any communication between the two countries needs actions and commitments, thus complex work is required, “especially since Turkey occupies Syrian areas and works with mercenary and extremist groups,” Abu Abdullah, an important figure from the Baath Party said.


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