METU students call for the release of their classmate allegedly abducted by police in Baku

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Middle East Technical University (METU) students called attention to their classmate Muharrem Akbarov, allegedly abducted by the police in Baku where he went for the summer holiday and where his family lives.

The students organized a press briefing and called on the Azerbaycan authorities to release Akbarov.

“Muharrem is a friend of us, who we all know and love, known for his political positions, who we struggle together in METU against unjust practices and oppression. He is someone who is actively involved in our struggles and in the actions organized. Akbarov has been abducted by the oppressive and authoritarian Aliyev regime unlawfully.”

“The real reason that Muharrem has been abducted by the police in front of his house is that he always stands by the workers and the villagers. If he is to be charged with anything, this may be his only crime,” the students further said in their statement.

The students further argued that Akbarov’s support to the villagers who oppose a gold mine to be built in the Söğütlü village in Azerbaijan was what annoyed the Aliyev regime.

“Muharrem became a target of the Aliyev regime because he supported the struggle of the workers because he objected to the building of the gold mine and destruction of nature,” they said.

A campaign has been started on social media calling for Muharrem Akbarov to be released. (EMK/PE)


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