Kurds are in the parliament but Kurdish is not: Babacan

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DEVA (Democracy and Progress Party) leader Ali Babacan criticized the ruling block’s nationalistic approach to the Kurdish question and vowed to find a political solution in a democratic way.

Addressing a crowd in Turkey’s mostly Kurdish southeastern city of Van, Babacan said it was impossible for Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan to resolve the Kurdish issue as he was wrapped up in his partnership with the ultranationalist MHP (Nationalist Movement Party).

“When he comes here, he remembers the lamb near the Tigris river but when he returns to Ankara the wolf brings him into line,” he said.

Criticizing the practise of writing ‘unknown language’ to the minutes of the parliament when a deputy speaks Kurdish, Babacan said: “A deputy makes an expression in Kurdish in the parliament. …Open the minutes and see. What does it say? They put the letter ‘X’. …Don’t you know how to write two sentences in Kurdish?”

Babacan also denounced the incarceration of the Kurdish politician Aysel Tugluk, who is struggling with severe dementia, as a result of political pressure over jurisdiction. “It’s a grave injustice, a serious human rights violation,” he said.

Ali Babacan served in several governments between 2002 and 2015 in pursuing a political career in the Justice and Development Party (AKP) but quit in 2019 citing “deep differences” over the party’s direction and founded DEVA.


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