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Villagers fear reprisals as thousands of Turkish soldiers move into rural areas weeks after threatening to torch homes 21
International Law Can’t Solve the Greco-Turkish Island Problem 22
Mob boss, ex-interior minister, former general implicated in dirty war against Kurds meet in resort town 23
Canadian decision to halt tech exports exposes key weakness in Turkish drone industry 24
2 lower courts defy Turkey’s Constitutional Court amid calls for restructuring 25
Turkish gov't has detained 3,293 military officers over alleged Gülen links since Jan. 1 26
Nagorno-Karabakh conflict: Several dead in missile strikes on Azerbaijani cities 27
Why is Turkey absent from the table despite being in the field? 28
Video shows African refugees being tortured by Turkish gang at Greek border 29
Missile fired where Turkey cleared way for S-400 test: Video 30